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Teammate Spotlight: Nitin Gupta – A Passion for Personal and Professional Development


Meet Nitin Gupta, Hargrove Controls & Automations’ new Automation Leader in Petrochem West, whose multifaceted role embodies leadership, technical prowess, and a commitment to the growth and success of his teammates and clients. With a career spanning 23 years in controls and automation, Nitin’s journey is a testament to his dedication, innovation, and unwavering enthusiasm.

The Path to Hargrove Controls & Automation

Nitin’s professional journey began in India, where he graduated with a degree in electronic engineering. He began working in the pulp and fiber industry, which first introduced him to the world of automation and instrumentation. From there, he joined Honeywell, where he held various pivotal roles over the years. In Baton Rouge, he learned the ropes as a technical leader, growing his industry knowledge and technical expertise. Then, as a location manager in Perth, Australia, he started to develop into the client-facing side of his role while also gaining valuable people-management experience.

From Honeywell, Nitin joined Champion Technology Services as a senior engineer. He was promoted several times, employing positions of project manager, engineering manager, and project/account manager. During this 10-year journey, he gained experience in project management and served client needs while managing key accounts. These roles allowed him to continue honing his account management experience while also diving into the world of project management. Nitin credits his past employers as a huge influence and is grateful for all the years of experience he gained.

Leadership and Forward Thinking

At Hargrove Controls & Automation, Nitin draws from all of his past roles to meet the demands of his current position as industry leader. He oversees a team of 12 talented teammates, ensuring their well-being, professional growth, and success. Nitin’s approach is rooted in coaching and mentoring.

“One of my key roles is to create a leader within each of my teammates and to help them identify their superpower and bring it to reality,” Nitin shares. He believes in truly understanding each teammate’s pain points and providing tailored solutions, helping to prevent burnout and smooth onboarding.

In addition to nurturing his team, Nitin excels in building and nurturing relationships with clients. He goes beyond mere project completion, aiming to exceed expectations and create Hargrove “superfans” wherever he can. With an acute understanding of each team member’s skillset, Nitin strategically staffs projects to ensure optimal performance and collaboration, aligning his team with the clients’ needs while also anticipating any training that may need to take place ahead of a new initiative. It’s Nitin’s forward-thinking approach that allows the team to embody Hargrove Controls & Automations’ motto: “right people, right place, right time.”

With Hargrove’s diverse disciplines and expertise, Nitin sees the company as a comprehensive solution provider, embodying an entrepreneurial spirit that resonates with him. As the Automation Leader in Petrochem West, Nitin aspires to help Hargrove Controls & Automation grow into a top three controls and automation system integrator in North America within the next five years; he feels this is completely within reach so long as their team sticks to the tenet of constant and never-ending improvement.

A Passion for Growing and Learning

Outside of work, Nitin is a devoted husband and father. He has been married for 18 years and has three children. Nitin and his family live in Houston, Texas. As is evident from his daily practices, Nitin brings his gusto for constant improvement to his personal life. He begins each day with meditation; then, he uses his ample travel time to delve into motivational audiobooks and podcasts centered around self-improvement.

As Nitin puts it, “If we are not growing, we are dying, because life really wants us to grow.”
In essence, Nitin’s journey to Hargrove Controls & Automation showcases his unwavering dedication, passion for growth, and commitment to creating a positive impact in the world. With a combination of technical expertise, leadership, and a heart dedicated to his team and clients, Nitin’s example continues to inspire those around him.

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