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Teammate Spotlight: Kerry White – Pioneering the Future of Controls & Automation at Hargrove


Meet Kerry White, dynamic and versatile manufacturing industry leader at Hargrove Controls & Automation. With a diverse background spanning various industries and a passion for problem-solving, Kerry is charting a course of unparalleled innovation in his role.

A Journey of Growth and Expertise

Kerry’s career path defies traditional norms. While pursuing an electrical engineering degree at Auburn University, he embarked on a path toward pastoral studies and business management at Tennessee Temple University. However, his innate fascination with technical challenges instead led him to the world of manufacturing, where he explored industries including poultry, plastics, rubber, and wood products. Most recently, he worked with cutting-edge technologies during his time at Amazon.

“Kerry’s passion and remarkable ability to lead our teams has truly set him apart as an exceptional industry leader at Hargrove Controls & Automation. With his dynamic vision and commitment to safety, he continues to drive our company to new heights,” said Uwe Kurfurst, C&A Industry Engineering Leader. “Kerry’s diverse background and fearlessness in embracing challenges make him a true asset to our organization. We are proud to have him as part of the Hargrove family as a visionary leader in the controls and automation industry.”

As an Industry Leader

Kerry sees himself as a puzzle solver and loves a good challenge, which makes him a great fit for his position as Discrete Manufacturing Industry Leader. Building a cohesive and skilled team is his forte, as he aims to push boundaries and elevate the manufacturing world by delving into emerging technologies within machinery safety and motion robotics.

Safety: A Personal Mission

Safety is a fundamental cornerstone of Kerry’s approach, deeply rooted in his professional ethos. With certification in functional machinery safety and a steadfast conviction that the well-being of every individual is paramount, Kerry recognizes that safety is not a mere obligation; it is an integral aspect of his core values, reflective of his dedication to fostering a secure and productive environment.

“I still remember my very first safety talk at a poultry facility with my dad. He was the maintenance manager at the time,” explained Kerry. “My dad got everybody together and asked them to hold up their fingers. He said, you came to work with 10, you need to leave with 10.”

That example of making safety personal to his team has stayed with Kerry to this day. He is always on the lookout for what will make people’s lives safer and is eager to help companies do so economically.

An Ever-Growing Hobby

In his leisure time, Kerry is engaged in a personal project close to his heart—a 15-acre farm that he is gradually transforming into a peaceful retreat. On this property, he nurtures a half-acre garden and tends to a drove of pigs and chickens. This endeavor reflects his passion for hands-on innovation and represents his commitment to sustainable practices and harmonious environments.

Kerry embraces each day as a new chance to conquer challenges. His visionary solutions and ability to uncover untapped possibilities make him a true leader in his field, setting him apart and driving Hargrove Controls & Automation forward.

“Every day, I get to start fresh with different challenges, and different challenges require different tools,” said Kerry. “I face every day like it is day one.’”

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