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Hargrove’s One Team Workplace


We have all experienced it. The PLC expert you need for an upgrade in Atlanta, GA is located at an office in Baton Rouge, LA, obstructing the expertise you need for your project. At Hargrove, our offices around the country function as One Team, utilizing our expertise, regardless of geographic location, for our clients’ diverse automation projects.

With 17 locations, Hargrove Teammates understand the challenge of planning and executing projects across our offices. We take pride in our ability to collaborate, and our program of multi-office project sharing has evolved into our core culture. We call this program HELIX (Hargrove Expertise Linked for Interoffice Execution).

HELIX – it’s a noun, a verb, or sometimes even an adjective. Since HELIX has become so ingrained in our culture, if you work with a Hargrove Teammate long enough, you’ll hear HELIX as part of the conversation.

A Culture of Collaboration

Hargrove offices aren’t organized by industry or engineering discipline. Each location includes Teammates from diverse industries and with different skillsets. For your project, Hargrove provides you with the technical expertise you need to support your goals no matter the geographic location.

“The way our offices work together is truly unique,” said Hargrove’s Director of Business Development Paul DeCoursey.  “When we are in discussions with a new client, we explain to them the benefits of our organizational strategy.  For example, every week our division leaders from every Hargrove office share a call where they discuss their needs for specific discipline Teammates to support their projects, or indicate they have certain discipline Teammates available to support projects outside their office. It’s truly collaborative and quite unique in the industry.”

Hargrove Controls & Automation has simplified the process of providing the right resources for your projects. Our leadership team is empowered to look beyond geographical location to make key decisions when assigning project teams. Our goal is to ensure you have access to local talent and reach within our organization to get the hard-to-find skillset you need or to staff up for larger projects. HELIX provides us this process and enables us to work as one automation team.

Hargrove takes Geographic Location out of the Equation

At Hargrove Controls & Automation, virtual collaboration has always been the norm. This is in large part due to our project methodology, HELIX, a proven approach that has been ingrained in our culture for over a decade, connecting various Team members with a multitude of skill levels from different areas of the country and pulling them together to execute a single project.

“It’s one thing to say you’re virtual teaming. It’s another thing to have proven tools and processes in place to make that successful,” said Karen Griffin, vice president of Hargrove Controls & Automation. “We think carefully about how we connect our teammates. When they aren’t sitting in the same room, how are they going to work through problems? What tools do they have available to do that virtually? How are the networks set up to share access from one location to another? How do you set up this access securely? These are all considerations we account for when helping our teammates to work together in different locations.”

HELIX proves to be a strong differentiator, spreading expert-level talent across our organization, bringing expertise to our clients no matter the location and developing lasting relationships with our multi-site clients.

“The right people in the right place at the right time” is a defining slogan of Hargrove. Those “places” continue to grow as our team expands and flourishes, putting more boots as close to our clients as possible. HELIX takes this to the next level, allowing “the right place” to expand even further, and “the right people” to be more accessible than ever. With HELIX, every single “right person” is always in the “right place.”

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