Electrical Engineering

The electrical and instrumentation team at Hargrove works with our clients to optimize their facilities power and energy infrastructure and develop industrial control systems.

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Electrical and instrumentation engineers as well as technical specialists can work to meet the specific needs of your facility.

We provide support for planning and feasibility studies, alternative studies, detailed design, total installed cost estimates, shut-down support and checkout, and start-up. Our designs reflect the optimal, cost-effective solutions while meeting industry standards.

Hargrove team members have extensive experience in plant environments and understand the importance of developing solutions to meet your system requirements, minimize outage durations, and maintain a high level of service continuity to your customers. Our projects range from site-wide electrical infrastructure studies and revamps to lighting improvements.

  • Power Distribution Analysis and Design
  • Power Generation, Monitoring & Control
  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash Compliance
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Design
  • Security and Alarm Systems
  • Field Instrumentation Specifications
  • Emergency Power and Lighting Systems
  • Substations
  • Control System Upgrades
  • Analyzer/CEMs Installations
  • Control Panel Design and Fabrication
  • Grounding and Lightning Protection
  • Control System Troubleshooting and Optimization
  • Fiber Optics

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ECC - The Association for the Capital Projects Engineering and Construction Community

Formed by owners, contractors, suppliers and academics in the engineering and construction business, the ECC aims to drive excellence and the long-term success of the industry through networking, innovation, and outreach. Hargrove has partnered with ECC for over ten years, helping the engineering community overcome the greatest challenges facing capital projects industries today.




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