The right people.

Our teammates stay with Hargrove because we invest in their success. Hargrove’s culture is one that supports individuals as they embark on and thrive in their careers while maintaining an ethical, sustainable workplace.


The right place.

Our infrastructure ensures that you receive the attention and prompt service you expect from an engineering partner. Hargrove has strategically placed our offices across the United States to best support our clients’ needs. Whether your initiative requires boots-on-the-ground support or process-specific subject matter expertise, Hargrove delivers.


The right time.

A solution is only “right” when it’s on time. Our job is to understand when your needs must be met and to deliver. We engage in long-term service relationships with our customers to gain insight into their capital improvement plans and to preposition personnel for a quicker, more client-focused, response.

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Mission and Vision

EHS Mission Statement
Our Environmental, Health and Safety culture protects and promotes the well-being of every person who works with us and every person touched by our work.
EHS Vision Statement
We operate as a Team to create workplaces that are healthful and free from incidents and injury. Our actions will influence each person working with us to adopt behaviors that promote and protect the well-being of those involved with or touched by our work.


Safety first, always.

Our priority is safety, first and foremost, and that is evident in every project Hargrove undertakes. We genuinely care about our teammates and clients and protect them in every way possible.

Alliances + Recognition

Hargrove Teammates serve on executive boards, research committees, and key sub-committees to contribute to the industry’s best practices.

We know our Team is only made up of the Right People when we incorporate innovation, diversity, and rich experience - experience that allows us to continue to create the solutions our clients need. One Team!

Ralph A. Hargrove

CEO + President

Commitment to community

We give back to move forward.

Hargrove is passionate about serving our clients within our industry and the local economy, and we recognize that our impact goes beyond building great projects. Our extraordinary teammates serve the community with their time, talent, and generosity. The Hargrove team is a family whose volunteerism makes a huge impact on our communities, and The Hargrove Foundation is the vehicle for making a true difference in the lives of others.


Take ownership of your career.

We work to create an environment founded on trust, personal integrity, and a “team mentality” such that each person understands the value of their contributions both on a project and company-wide level. Hargrove has consistently been ranked one of the “Best Firms to Work For” by organizations such as ZweigWhite and Business Alabama.

Benefits included:

  • Employee stock ownership plans
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 401k plans
  • Paid holidays and time off, and many more.

With over a dozen offices, we are always close.

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