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The Process

  • Field study
    • Retrieve a System backup and documentation
    • Identify 3rd party interfaces
    • Review health of wiring and potential panel locations
  • Evaluation
    • System backup – identify I/O key quantities & complexity
    • Leverage automated tools – speed the process
    • Review plant IT/OT requirements
  • Develop the plan
    • Outline new System hardware and software
    • Define documentation (narratives, drawings, etc.)
    • Define Implementation strategy – preliminary schedule
  • Execute the plan
    • Develop documentation
    • Configure the system
    • 30/60/90 reviews to ensure alignment/quality
    • Stage hardware as architected
    • Integrated hardware and software testing
    • Verify and validate against documentation
  • Construction Support/SAT
    • On-site installation oversight
    • Operations/Maintenance training
    • Static checks on Hargrove hardware
    • Power up system
    • Functional/Operational testing
  • Startup/Commissioning
    • Loop tuning
    • Operational troubleshooting
    • Plant support through startup curve (by request)
  • Post Startup Support

Project Focus

With the ability to leverage the Hargrove E&C group and our I&E capabilities, Hargrove Controls & Automation can scale up or down for any size project, ranging from small to full service turnkey solutions. The approach by Hargrove puts a constructability focus on migrations minimizing downtime and production impacts which ultimately save you time and money. Hargrove manages all phases of a migration including OEMs and construction contractors.

Migrations Solutions

During our process, we will discuss strategies with you that best meet the functional specifications for your facility and develop configuration using internally developed tools that reduce engineering efforts, reduce schedule, and minimize errors.

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As a vendor-agnostic system integrator, we have experience with a wide variety of platforms to provide you with the solutions that best fit your systems and facilities.

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Our UL-listed panel fabrication shop can tailor custom panels for any size project.

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