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As a vendor-agnostic system integrator, we have experience with a wide variety of platforms to provide you with the solutions that best fit your systems and facilities. Our experience includes Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), and Plant Historians.


Working Together

Hargrove is recognized in the industry for our innovation and significant contribution to the automation community. For a full list of partners and recognitions, go to our Partnerships & Recognitions page.

Partnerships & Recognitions

Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT)

The success of automation projects performing as you intended requires a comprehensive Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to take place prior to installation and commissioning. A FAT is a complete testing of the software and hardware that validates the engineers programming your system have hit the mark to meet your expectations. This is also your opportunity to catch something you may have overlooked in the planning phase of your project. Modifications and adjustment are much easier and less costly in terms of downtime to make before you are in start-up mode at your plant. Depending on the size of the project a FAT can take a few hours to a week or more.

A FAT can be a fully integrated test of hardware and software or can be just a verification of the software.

Planning your next FAT? Use this FAT Checklist as a guide.

Download the FAT Readiness Checklist


To facilitate client FATs at our facilities, Hargrove has invested in multiple best-in-class large staging areas complete with the power, tools and technologies needed for comprehensive testing. Hargrove has the flexibility to set up on your hardware or our in-house hardware depending on the system. We have purchased or licensed the most common hardware and software including legacy systems such as the Honeywell TDC system. Hargrove owns hardware from Honeywell, Emerson, Allen-Bradley, Siemens, HIMA, Triconex, Modicon, Foxboro, ABB, Bently Nevada, Yokogawa, and more. If a third-party integrator or vendor is involved, we can also stage their hardware in our staging facilities, establish connectivity with our hardware/systems, and facilitate a comprehensive, fully integrated hardware and software FAT.

Virtual/Remote FAT Capabilities

While the majority of the FATs we perform take place at our facilities, we are flexible to accommodate our customer’s needs. If you prefer a virtual FAT, Hargrove has the hardware needed to simulate your control system and can host a secure connection, allowing the FAT to take place over a web meeting session. Alternatively, we can do a hybrid where one of our teammates travels to your plant to facilitate the remote FAT, or one or more on your team members can come to our site while the rest of your team can remote in to save on cost.


We know you are busy, and your time is valuable. Prior to the FAT, we deliver a comprehensive FAT procedure for client approval. This outlines the step-by-step plan and description of how the test will be performed and can help uncover any errors that have not been picked up during the project design phase.

When you arrive at our facility for the FAT, you will find a well-organized comfortable testing area ready for your team and ours to collaborate for a productive day of testing. We will have already thoroughly tested the system according to the approved FAT procedure so you can focus on evaluating whether there are modifications or improvements you would like implemented.

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Operator Training

From helping operators adapt to an upgraded control system to getting your whole team on the same page with new Safety or Cybersecurity policies, all training is developed by our Teammates with your team in mind. Whenever possible, Hargrove conducts training sessions using the actual equipment or code that is in your facility. As a critical piece of project handoff, robust training allows the system to work as intended from day one without the hiccups caused by a learning curve. Trainees leave with practical, hands-on experience that they can apply the next day.

When needed, our Teammates build simulations so the system looks and runs exactly like it will in the real facility. The training can occur prior to commissioning, so that your operators can run production flawlessly. Often, this takes place in conjunction with our Factory Acceptance Test.

Our operator training sessions are tailored to the access rights and responsibilities given at each facility. We want to make sure that your team has everything they need so that any system upgrade can be fully implemented as intended.

It is always our goal that when we walk off site at project completion, your in-house team is fully confident and comfortable running the system.

Hardware Training for Instrument Technicians

When Hargrove’s panel shop builds control cabinets or I/O panels for your plant, we can use your future hardware to instruct your instrument technicians on the finer points of the new set up. This informal training ensures that all changes and modifications are clearly communicated to your team. In addition to the panels that we design and build, we can bring third party hardware panels into our training and staging areas for integration, testing, and training exercises.


You Choose the Location

We can arrange training at your facility and provide multiple sessions so that each work shift can be trained without disrupting schedules. Hargrove can host trainings at any of our convenient office locations or other offsite facilities. Remote offerings or hybrid offerings provide options to your team based on your specific needs.

For custom training development, we offer several options:

  • Onsite
  • Offsite
  • Remote
  • Hybrid

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