Software Development

The days of plant floor industrial control systems (ICS) being siloed from a company’s enterprise business system is quickly becoming a strategy of the past. In recent years, the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the adoption of OPC UA (Open Platform Communications United Architecture) has reshaped the possibilities of leveraging the communication of all software systems to gain better visibility of all industrial and business processes.

The key to taking full advantage of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation is to build a bridge to capture the right data from one system to the other systems. Even on the plant floor integration between various automation systems can still have gaps to being fully integrated. Fully integrating plant floor automation systems and capturing the right data across software platforms allows companies to use the real-time data to make optimal business decisions. Integrating front office business software and plant floor control systems will position your company to take full advantage of what digital transformation and industry 4.0 have on the horizon including machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) as they evolve.

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The integration of ICS and commercial business enterprise systems requires the development of custom software by developers who understand both. Hargrove Controls & Automation Team has the multi-discipline experts needed in industrial DCS/PLC/SIS process controls, robotics, commercial software and IT/OT system integration to build customized software solutions.

Digital transformation brings many business opportunities, but with it comes cyber vulnerabilities for potential business and safety risk. Hargrove cybersecurity and safety experts work with our developers to mitigate the inherent risk.

Hargrove builds custom software applications to help improve administrative and operational tasks. Perspective from outside of your facility can help you reach solutions that make your data more accessible and fully integrated. Often after Hargrove’s Team of custom software developers and system integrators have a deep discussion with clients to understand their operational concerns and goals, the solution is better and different than what they originally thought was possible.

Programming languages include, but are not limited to:
  • C#
  • Python
  • SQL
  • HTML
  • Java
  • PowerShell

Start-to-Finish Custom Solutions

Whether you are interested in learning how you can fully harness digitalization or if on a smaller scale, you are interested in bridging gaps in your current plant floor automation systems, we are here to help.

We develop custom software applications bringing in multiple databases, tying them all together for real-time reporting and dashboarding capabilities. In addition, we can assist with importing or moving data from one system to another, database and web interface, parsing tools, SQL development, or issues with inventory and ordering systems.

  • Data migration
  • Data configuration
  • Data entry interfaces
  • Data analytics
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Mobile apps
  • Processing and monitoring
  • Validation and clean up
  • Bridging software

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Discovery Process

Exploratory Questions to Consider

During our initial consultation, Hargrove’s Team will listen and work to understand your operational concerns to develop the optimal solution that fits your facility’s needs. Some of the typical questions we start with during our discovery process include:

  • Where are your pain points?
  • Where are the missed opportunities?
  • Where are there manual inputs required for reporting?
  • Does your order entry process coordinate with your raw material ordering process for inventory?
  • Have you implemented any predictive maintenance practices?


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With Hargrove, you get the right experience from the right people in system integration working alongside you to meet and exceed your expectations. Working together as one team – that’s Hargrove.


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