Smart Instrumentation

Database-driven instrumentation platforms, such as SmartPlant® Instrumentation (SPI) and AVEVA, allow facilities to easily maintain excellent, accurate, and complete documentation. When a change is made in a system, no longer will you need to remember to pull three binders from two different locations to update the loop sheet, the IO columns, and the junction box drawing. Instead, with a database, a change made in one place is automatically updated everywhere, so all drawings are consistent every time.

When executing projects, our clients have indicated that smart instrumentation cuts instrument engineering/design time on projects by 10-15%. For example, on full-scale projects, smart instrumentation closes the gap between the teams that specify/design and develop the control strategy. When it comes to retrofit and revamp projects, the history management capability is integral for success. Executing a retrofit project without accurate records can add substantial delays to the project as time is spent determining which drawings are accurate.

Smart instrumentation also serves as a communication tool, both within the organization and for outside contractors such as engineering firms, integrators and vendors. With a single repository for instrument, control system, and process data, as well as workflows for communication, working with multiple parties is simplified. That means that your database will be easily maintained well beyond the needs of the project, so that data is accurate when you need it.

By focusing on electronic engineering data and usability post-construction, smart instrumentation systems have become important tools for integrators, constructors, and operators alike.

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The value gained from Smart Instrumentation is greatly impacted by how you structure the software during the initial set up. Administrative decisions made for input data, naming conventions, site hierarchy, access rights, etc. play a vital role in reaching the full potential of your investment in Smart Instrumentation.

Hargrove offers expert Smart Instrumentation services from project start to finish through ongoing support, training, and success consulting.

In addition, Hargrove provides hosting services for our clients with a secure database as well as experienced administration. Our database management system utilizes best practices for security and compliance with industrial standards.

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for our clients, including backup and restoration, data validation, and security level role configuration. Our Team also utilizes data from SmartPlant® Instrumentation to provide system efficiency reports.

Our decades of experience with system administration save clients incalculable hours by getting started on the right foot. SmartPlant® Instrumentation allows for a great deal of customization and handles large volumes of data. If rules, standards, and organizational systems are not set up properly from the start, the lack of uniformity can render data unusable. By laying a solid groundwork of naming conventions, user rights and access groups, the Hargrove Team will ensure you have a system that runs smoothly and cleanly from the start allowing you to reach the full potential of your investment in the platform.

Our project services include
  • Program/Project Management
  • Value Analysis of Instrumentation Data
  • Lifecycle Management of Instrumentation Data
  • Data Migration
  • Data Entry
  • Data Integrity
  • Troubleshooting
  • Software Customization
  • Optimize Workflow and Effective Utilization
  • Broad and Targeted Training
Why Hargrove

The Hargrove Team are experts in smart instrumentation software; we have been working with it since it first was released.

Our teammates leverage their lengthy experience to optimize your process, using best practices, shortcuts, and ways to streamline. We are intimately familiar with the standards of the industry; we understand how you work and how to get the best value out of your system.

Hargrove Controls & Automation has expertise all around the plant floor- in hardware, software, and project management, so you have a one-stop shop for the full project. In addition, Hargrove removes risk for our clients by leveraging our core IT competencies. For full wrap-around services, we can write custom software to integrate your systems or extend the functionality of your smart instrumentation. For example, the Hargrove Team holds a patent on a software that compares an instrumentation database with the control system database to generate exception reports. This allows plant managers to see when changes are made from the control system side but not the instrumentation side, which quickly sends an alert for a management of change (MOC) violation.

With any data management, clean data is absolutely critical. We have extensive experience and have built the processes and the team to safeguard that nothing is overlooked. This ensures that you have an accurate, reliable system from the outset and beyond.


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