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Production, laboratory, and process data have traditionally proven to be vital to your facility’s day-to-day operations. Now this data serves an even more critical function as a necessary component of enabling operating facilities to capitalize on modern digital transformation capabilities. Artificial Intelligence (AI), APC, predictive maintenance, digital twins, and other new technologies all use historical data to evaluate past performance against current data to predict future performance. Your team needs to be able to access instrument readings, production status, quality control factors, and system performance quickly and accurately to reduce downtime and ensure productivity. Companies frequently need to aggregate and compare data from multiple sites, often running different control systems. From traditional historical analysis to real-time dashboarding and predictions using digital twins, the Hargrove Team works with you to build a system that makes sense of your data so you can make meaningful decisions.

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Plant Historians can help your facility with common issues such as:

Troubleshooting: When something goes wrong, review the data easily to determine the issue and get back online quickly.

Tracking Production Metrics: Use dashboarding to report standard metrics, such as production amounts, easily and automatically.

Efficiency & Optimization: Review trends in data to compare efficiency between shifts or against a benchmark parameter. Similarly, isolate high-performing areas to replicate best practices across shifts.

Analyzing Trial Runs: When developing new products or changing your process, track and analyze key metrics to refine your process quickly with limited waste.

Recalls and Lot Tracing: In the event of a contamination or recall, you will have all the data at your fingertips to isolate the issue and limit your exposed product.

Prediction: Historical data combined with real-time operating data can be used for accurate predictions of how equipment and processes will perform in the future. The power of prediction enables timely decision making to reduce or eliminate future upsets.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Tracking Production Metrics
  • Efficiency & Optimization
  • Analyzing Trial Runs
  • Recalls and Lot Tracing
  • Prediction

System Design

Our process starts with an in-depth discussion of your current systems, your needs, and your goals. Then, our Team will build the system architecture: hardware and software planning, server build, network connectivity, tag collection lists, and asset hierarchies. We have experience with all major commercial off-the-shelf systems, or we can design historians that meet the site-specific requirements. Next, we will configure the interfaces to the control systems, laboratory (LMS) and user entry systems, maintenance systems (CMMS), and ERP systems. Finally, we will layer in the user applications such as process screens, alerts, dashboards, batch tools, and other advanced software applications.

Hargrove’s Controls & Automation Team can help you choose the right platform to manage your plant historical data.

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The Team at Hargrove has the full suite of skills necessary to implement a plant historian system, which means we can apply best practices to ensure you get the most value out of your system. By starting with a full understanding of your company, we work with you to make your data actionable. Our Team knows how important timely data is, creating visibility and accessibility to your operations; flat historical data does not take full advantage of plant historian capabilities. We design and troubleshoot systems to store data, visualize with dashboards, audit the application program interface (API), and manage alarm systems.

From our expertise in many control system platforms, to full IT capabilities such as networking or setting up servers, Hargrove brings the full range of skills to the table to complete a well-built historian project. By leveraging our experience with PLC/DCS systems and our in-house tools, Hargrove can provide cost-effective historian implementations for your facility, regardless of size and complexity.


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