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How We Work

Hargrove Controls & Automation is ready to take on projects of all sizes, from encompassing just one of our disciplines to full Main Automation Contractor (MAC) capabilities. When it comes to your automation needs, Hargrove Controls & Automation teams with our clients to deliver the right people, in the right place, at the right time for all Systems Integration needs. Whether we are providing a simple controller upgrade or a complex multi-discipline installation, our focus is delivering a successful project.

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Your Main Automation Contractor

Hargrove can function as a Main Automation Contractor (MAC) performing large turnkey projects. Together with Hargrove Engineers & Constructors, a full-service Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) company, Hargrove can perform all phases of project execution from preliminary engineering through detailed design, procurement, construction, startup, and operations.

Our expertise is multi-discipline. Typical automation projects involve multiple areas of expertise such as integrating a PLC into a DCS system, incorporating process safety requirements and producing necessary documentation combined with processing unit upgrades, performing power and facility siting studies for new I/O panels, or performing a cybersecurity audit for a new or upgraded control system installation. We are experienced with each discipline individually, as well as managing full projects; our team is particularly adept at identifying scope gaps within a project when there are multiple vendors involved. Even when each piece of the project is executed flawlessly, a system only works well when all pieces run together. Our team has a clear understanding of the required coordination between automation disciplines, at what points in the project the coordination is needed, and how changes in one automation discipline affects other disciplines. Hargrove Teammates are experts at weaving together all disciplines seamlessly. Mitigating scope gap early on in a project saves major headaches and unnecessary cost.

One Team

The culture of teamwork runs deep at Hargrove, supported by strong systems of communication and coordination.

Over a decade ago, we wrote our own virtual teaming methodology. Our Team works adeptly in interdepartmental teams. We have a detailed, systematic coordination process across business units, disciplines, and divisions with the goal of ensuring we have the proper means to engage the right teammates with the right expertise for each project. We are intentional about fostering highly functional, flexible teams.

Why does this matter? You get maximized resources and expertise from around the company. The intrinsic value of partnering with a systems integrator capable of providing “One Team” Automation solutions is consistency in execution, application standards, and leveraged experience and repeatability – that’s what you get with Hargrove.

Tormod, A Hargrove Company

Tormod is an experienced team ready to handle the startup, maintenance, and day-to-day operations for your industrial and manufacturing assets.

Hargrove Controls & Automation works with Tormod, part of the Hargrove family of companies, to provide the full suite of Startup and Commissioning needs.  By working together with Tormod, we maximize the efficiency of an outage to minimize the overall outage time. For the checkout phase, he Tormod team creates plans that organize checkout items by proximity, eliminating needless running from place to place. By leveraging their knowledge for turnover, the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

CSIA Certified

Committed to seeking out and adopting the best practices of the industry, we are a Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) certified system integrator. The rigorous certification process takes place every three years, examining ten areas of business practices, project management, and quality system delivery. These ten areas of best practices have become the core of how we operate. This means you can be assured that you are hiring a well-managed integrator who will be around for the long-haul.

In addition, Hargrove was recognized as “Integrator of the Year” by CSIA for our innovation and significant contribution to the automation community.


Let's assemble a team for you.

With Hargrove, you get the right experience from the right people in system integration working alongside you to meet and exceed your expectations. Working together as one team – that’s Hargrove.

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