Custom Training Development

Well-trained plant operators and technicians have a direct impact on the success of your operations. Customized plant-specific training for the staff running your plant is key to ensuring equipment and automation systems perform safely and at peak efficiency.

With our Custom Training, our Teammates become the Coaches.

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Personalized & Specific

From helping operators adapt to an upgraded control system to getting your whole team on the same page with new Safety or Cybersecurity policies, all training is developed by our Teammates with your team in mind. Whenever possible, Hargrove conducts training sessions using the actual equipment or code that is in your facility. As a critical piece of project handoff, robust training allows the system to work as intended from day one without the hiccups caused by a learning curve. Trainees leave with practical, hands-on experience that they can apply the next day.


Often used as an add-on for major upgrade projects, we create custom training solutions that use actual client operator interfaces developed for the processes at the client site to better prepare operators to run their specific plant. When needed, our Teammates build simulations so the system looks and runs exactly like it will in the real facility. The training can occur prior to commissioning, so that your operators can run production flawlessly. Often, this takes place in conjunction with our Factory Acceptance Test.

Our operator training sessions are tailored to the access rights and responsibilities given at each facility. We want to make sure that your team has everything they need so that any system upgrade can be fully implemented as intended. It is always our goal that when we walk off site at project completion, your in-house team is fully confident and comfortable running the system.

We frequently provide training in the following project types
  • Implementing new or upgraded control systems where operators will be unfamiliar
  • Modifying equipment and modifying how equipment operates
  • Building a new processing unit whether within an existing or greenfield facility

When Hargrove’s panel shop builds control cabinets or I/O panels for your plant, we can use your future hardware to instruct your instrument technicians on the finer points of the new set up. This informal training ensures that all changes and modifications are clearly communicated to your team. In addition to panels we design and build, we can bring third party hardware panels into our training and staging areas for integration, testing, and training exercises.


As facilities and organizations work to stay current with safety and cybersecurity compliance requirements, our team not only performs the technical work, but we train our clients on the requirements and modifications to work processes that will be needed to maintain compliance. Hargrove works with clients to distill requirements and standards, and create documents, manuals, and update work processes for your specific facility. As part of this, we can deliver the appropriate training for teams so they are equipped to maintain compliance. At Hargrove, we understand that communication and transparency are imperative for smooth change management. The Hargrove Team can design training that communicates how and why processes are changing. Sometimes, entry-level, general training is an effective way to accomplish that. Our experts can deliver training on technical topics for teams that are adjacent to, but not in, that area of expertise. For example, we have delivered trainings such as:

  • Cybersecurity Hygiene: This 101-level training teaches operational staff to be aware of cybersecurity threats and how and when to raise the alerts about possible issues.
  • Process Safety for the Non-Process Safety Engineer: This training explains the concept behind process safety for someone who does not understand. It explains Layers of Protection (LOPA) and the ramifications of making changes or missing maintenance.

We Handle the Logistics

You Choose the Location

Looking for convenience and ease of access? We can come to you. We can arrange training at your facility and provide multiple sessions so that each work shift can be trained without disrupting schedules.

Hargrove is able to host training at any of our convenient office locations or other offsite facilities. This can often happen in conjunction with Factory Acceptance Testing. In addition, we can provide catering and other amenities, recommendations and preferred rates for hotels, and more.

Remote/Virtual and Hybrid options

Hargrove can arrange training at your facility or host training at any of our convenient office locations or other offsite facilities.


Let’s Design Your Training. Talk to our Teammates about your needs, and we will personalize a training just for you.

With Hargrove, you get the right experience from the right people in system integration working alongside you to meet and exceed your expectations. Working together as one team – that’s Hargrove.


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