DCS Migration Gives Incinerators New Lease on Life

CHALLENGE: Due to the facility’s capacity, a hot cutover was completed while the plant was running with one incinerator down. In addition, the client required a turnkey solution with Process Safety scope.

SOLUTION: A comprehensive cutover plan was developed. Through strong communication, the execution of the cutover was designed to eliminate and/or minimize surprises like unplanned downtime.

RESULTS:  The project was completed on budget with zero safety or environmental incidents. The cutover was executed as planned with no unplanned downtime to the rest of the site. The legacy system was decommissioned, and the incinerator was restarted flawlessly. Reliability and availability have increased.


A leading American provider of vinyl products had obsolete control equipment in one of their manufacturing facilities. The facility produced vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), an industrial chemical and building block for other products to be used in multiple industries. In addition to obsolescence, acquisition of spare parts for maintenance was very difficult and costly.

The objective of this project was to migrate two incinerator controls from legacy to modern hardware—Honeywell TDC 3000 to C300 Experion and Schneider Triconex Version 10 to Triconex CX.

This project was a turnkey solution that included detailed design, configuration, graphics, cutover planning, construction, and startup & commissioning. Particular care was required in the cutover planning because the facility was designed to run on three incinerators. Therefore, cutover needed to be completed as quickly as possible to maintain the site’s capacity.

After consultation with all stakeholders, a documented cutover plan was developed and executed with no unplanned downtime to the rest of the site. As a result, Honeywell will support the modern DCS for 20+ years, and the reliability and up-time availability of the system have increased.

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