Controls & Automation Case Studies

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CASE STUDY: AVEVA PI Domain Migration
CHALLENGE: The PI system at the mill had been primarily maintained by the corporate team of the former owner. The new company had a different corporate standard for process historians and therefore lacked in-depth PI knowledge. By the time the….. Read more >>






CASE STUDY: Batch Integration on Demand
CHALLENGE: One of the challenges was changing recipes for new products. There were constantly new demands for different products that would require re-programming the recipes each time. In addition, due to the….. Read more >>






CASE STUDY: Recovering a Chemical Manufacturer’s Productivity with Batch Cycle Time Reduction
CHALLENGE: A safety issue required a project pivot and scope change during the project. A potentially dangerous safety hazard associated with the original migration was identified and the system was operating in an unknown state…. Read more >>






CASE STUDY: Visualization Efforts Pave the Way for Predictive Analytics
CHALLENGE: There were two key factors that needed to be addressed in order to achieve their objective. The group lacked visibility into running processes in their plants, which prevented timely responses to quality and reliability issues… Read more >>






CASE STUDY: DCS Migration Gives Incinerators New Lease on Life
CHALLENGE: Due to the facility’s capacity, a hot cutover was completed while the plant was running with one incinerator down. In addition, the client required a turnkey solution with Process Safety scope. Read more >>






CASE STUDY: Emerging Automation Technology in the First Biodegradable Plastics Plant
CHALLENGE: A bioplastics company contracted Hargrove Controls & Automation to retrofit a brownfield plant to make polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)-based resins, adapting existing on-site batch controls. Read more >>



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