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Hargrove Expansion to Western U.S. Supports Client Needs


Since 1995, Hargrove has opened offices across the U.S. to provide full-service engineering, procurement, construction management, project management, controls and automation, and technical services where their clients need them most. Now, Hargrove is pleased to announce the opening of its 17th office in Concord, California.

“We have many offices across the U.S. because we want to be near the client,” says California native and operations leader, Jim Vicknair, who previously served in leadership roles for WorleyParsons and most recently, Eichleay. “When clients in the California region began asking if Hargrove would move to California, Ralph A. Hargrove said ‘yes.’” Jim is joined at the Concord office by several key teammates: Gina Munns, office support leader, Matt Christian, engineering leader, and Meliza Cruz Lopez, project leader.

Together with their team, they are taking on a wide range of projects in this unique region known for innovation and “firsts” in renewable energy and environmental sustainability, as well as refining and chemicals. They’re also in the process of establishing hubs of remote teammates in areas like Seattle, Washington, to serve clients in the Pacific Northwest and Salt Lake City, Utah, to serve clients in the Mountain Region.

Some key differentiators of the Hargrove teammate experience are the company’s designation as an ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan (which Hargrove calls TSOP, or Teammate Stock Ownership Plan) and the Hargrove charitable foundation that contributes to causes in Hargrove locations with an emphasis on four areas: education, health and human services, arts and culture, and qualified sports activities.

Hargrove’s culture is also focused on mentoring, learning and growth. “I’ve had huge opportunities in my career and want to give back to people and give them opportunities,” says Jim. “If our teammates felt pigeonholed in their last positions, I want them to have more opportunities here. For us, it’s about hiring A-players who are the right fit for us culturally, and then leveraging their unique personalities and talents and matching those with our clients.”

“This is the nicest company I’ve ever worked for as far as the people and respect,” adds Jim. “We have a great product, but again, it’s the people”—the people who are dedicated to being the Right People in the Right Place at the Right Time for their clients, partners, and communities.

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